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Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning service is designed to transform your home into a haven of cleanliness and comfort. Our experienced and dedicated team of cleaners will meticulously clean and sanitize every room, ensuring that every nook and cranny is free from dust, dirt, and allergens. From the kitchen to the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces, we pay attention to detail, using environmentally friendly products to create a healthy and safe environment.

Our services include regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialized services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and more. We understand that each home is unique, so we work closely with our clients to customize our services based on their specific requirements and preferences.

Commercial Cleaning

For businesses, first impressions matter, and a clean and well-maintained workspace speaks volumes about your professionalism. Our commercial cleaning services are geared towards creating a pristine and inviting atmosphere for your employees and clients. Whether you operate in an office, retail space, or any commercial setting, our team is equipped to handle the unique cleaning needs of your business.

We offer comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions, including daily or weekly office cleaning, floor care, restroom sanitation, and special event cleanup. Our goal is to enhance the productivity and well-being of your team by providing a clean and organized work environment. 

Post Construction Cleaning

At Houzz Pro Services, our Post-Construction Cleaning is designed to unveil the true brilliance of your project. Our skilled team meticulously clears away debris, eliminates lingering dust, and polishes every surface to perfection. We seamlessly integrate into your project timeline, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleanup that allows your construction or renovation masterpiece to shine. From the final touches to the grand reveal, trust Houzz Pro for a spotless and inviting space that showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of your project. Elevate your construction experience with our unparalleled post-construction cleaning services

Deep carpet Cleaning and floor care

At Houzz Pro Services, we employ the most effective commercial carpet cleaning method—hot water extraction, or steam cleaning. This meticulous process revitalizes carpets by injecting a blend of hot water and cleaning solution, followed by swift water and dirt extraction. Clean carpets not only enhance visual appeal but also reflect a meticulous and reliable business, contributing to positive first impressions. Beyond esthetics, professionally cleaned carpets act as natural filters for allergens, promoting a healthier work environment by ensuring optimal indoor air quality. Trust Houzz Pro Services for proven cleaning methods that go beyond surface cleanliness, creating a visually appealing and health-conscious commercial space.

 commercial Windows cleaning

We understand the pivotal role that clean windows play in shaping the impression of your business environment. The importance of a clear and well-maintained view cannot be overstated, and our specialized commercial window cleaning services are tailored to meet this specific need. Our dedicated team is adept at handling the unique challenges associated with window cleaning in various commercial settings, be it an office, retail space, or any other professional venue. Whether you require regular maintenance schedules or targeted interventions for specific events, we have you covered.

Elevate the visual standard of your business with our comprehensive commercial window cleaning solutions.

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